Hospitals, medical offices, emergency centers, long term care and behavior facilities require advanced plumbing equipment engineered for patient safety.  Infection control and improved hygiene are essential in patient, surgery, clinic, laboratory and food service areas. Chicago Faucets has developed the +Healthcare line of products to meet these requirements with additional safety features, including anti-scald, anti-ligature, and mitigation of waterborne pathogens. 

Faucets and Showers Engineered for Patient Safety
  •  HyTronic® Patient Care hospital faucets are engineered for patient safety. These best-in-class healthcare touchless faucets provide the ultimate in convenience and comfort, helping to prevent the spread of germs that can result in healthcare acquired infections. These advanced medical faucets include two infrared sensors, thermostatic mixer, antimicrobial silver ion laminar flow outlet, copper tube inlets and the CF Connect app for monitoring and managing groups of faucets including hygiene flushing and pipe cleaning. They also offer an option for Long-Term Power Supply (LTPS) or Emergency Back Up Power System (EBPS).
  • The Auto-Drain shower system prevents water stagnation which also helps minimize waterborne bacteria growth that causes healthcare acquired infections (HAI) and bacteria such as legionella.  There are options for virtually all hospital shower settings and include integrated valve drains and remodel shower hose and hand sprays. Fittings are available that meet California requirements for 1.5 GPM shower heads and hand sprays.
  • ELR Series - ligature resistant touchless faucet and shower trim are solid brass and engineered to withstand abuse and minimize ligature points.
  • E-Tronic 80 advanced electronic faucet or EVR Series vandal resistant touchless faucet - for public restrooms combine the added safety and convenience of sensor faucet with solid durability and integrated scald protection.
  • Chicago Faucets Food Service and Laboratory fittings meet the additional needs of busy healthcare centers.  Most recently the company introduced a combination eyewash and touchless faucet with one push lever to activate.

For the Healthcare brochure click here.  For the Tub/Shower Systems Brochure click here.

Chicago Faucets provides an online configurator for specifiers and contractors to create a faucet to specifications.

See how Chicago Faucets was the solution for the Cleveland Clinic and the Froedtert Hospital.

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